Effective 9-18-2018 - Price Increase - 09/18/2018

Due to the continuing increases in material and transportation cost, plus the new tariff (10%) imposed on material effective September 24th; Howard Lighting will be implementing a general price increase. Effective October 1st pricing on specific product families will be adjusted based on the increased cost and tariffs imposed by the USTR. Price increases will vary by product family.

Effective June 15, 2014 Freight Policy Change Notice - 05/29/2014

Howard Lighting Products constantly strives to improve its processes so that our customers can maintain a competitive advantage. In reviewing our freight costs, we have identified certain products that incur excess costs due to their oversized and/or fragile nature. As a result, we are modifying our freight policy to incorporate an exception for these product families.

Product Information Bulletin - HID Fixutre Wiring Instructions - 05/06/2014

HID Fixure Wiring Instructions

Product Information Bulletin – Manufacturer’s Certificate of Compliance - 03/20/2014

Buy American Provisions of ARRA Section 1605

Product Information Bulletin – New HID Ballast Model Construction - 02/15/2012

In an effort to better serve our customers and sales team, we will no longer use various design codes in our model construction. Rather the models will be simplified for easier reading. Customers and sales staff will not have to worry about what model is the most current. Our 4 page Product Information Bulletin gives information about the new model construction and cross reference information from our old model naming system.

We appreciate your patience and cooperation as we update our systems with these changes.

Fluorescent Lamp Price Increase - 07/12/2011

Over the past several weeks we have been sharing various articles and information regarding the scarcity and dramatic price increases or rare earth phosphors which has a major impact on fluorescent lamp pricing. Since our latest price increase announcement, China has not only dramatically reduced the production of rare earth phosphors, but also initiated a dramatic increase in pricing for these critical elements used in the production of fluorescent lamps.

Therefore, due to the continuing escalation in the cost of rare earth materials it is necessary for us to increase pricing on fluorescent lamps. Effective July 12th all quotes and purchase orders are subject to review and approval.

In addition we are advising a minimum price increase of 12%. New quotes will only be honored for thirty (30) days and will be reviewed monthly. Additionally, we will be implementing increases on a monthly basis until the market for rare earth phosphors has stabalized. New price sheets and quotes will be available through your MyAccount or your customer service representative.

We appreciate your understanding and support during this global shortage.

Product Information Bulletin – Lamp Material Information Sheet - 03/04/2011

Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)